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Hackathon - 10th to 17th Nov, 2022

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India's five million-strong developer community generates over $200 billion in revenue annually, which is second to none.

Like the 5000 that have competed in our past hackathons, many more warring developers will lock horns at MM22s Unblock, where a cash prize of $10,000 will be won.




Great ideas are nothing without great implementation. This phase involves learning how blockchain works from some of the most experienced professionals in the space, and equipping yourself with the tools you’ll need to distill your dreams into reality.



It’s big brain time. Put your thinking caps on, grab your favorite beverage and let your creativity shine. Gather your resources, set your objectives, and plan out your adventure with expert guidance from our on-site mentors.



On your keyboards, neck stretch, go! Hundreds of developers wire into their computers, weaving letters together on a screen to produce real-world financial applications. $10,000 hangs in the balance. The Challenge phase is all about showing the blockchain whos boss.

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